Russian government will support VR

Virtual reality falls under the National Technology Initiative - a program that Vladimir Putin called 'the main engine for the country's scientific and technological progress'.

Currently the involved governmental agencies are drawing up a roadmap outlining the main focus areas of the future research. The roadmap is expected to take effect in 2017.

VR is becoming one of the most globally ambitious technological trends affecting many segments of the day-to-day life, including industry, education and entertainment. Russia decides to keep up with tendencies, implementing VR in some of the most strategic sectors of the national economy.

To name an example: a rocket and space corporation Energia is developing a VR astronautic training center - with simulated zero gravity and biomechanical changes to the body actions in open space.

So far, NTI has approved a number of roadmaps concerning private and industrial power economy, unmanned vehicles, and AI. Next in line are development strategies in finances, public health, food supplies, and national defence.

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